SSI: Task one – Research Proposal (resubmission)

Research Project Proposal Form – DISNEY (resubmission)

My research plan is to look up articles, powerpoint presentations, and even Youtube videos, online that discuss the personal views of others, as to what messages which certain disney films give out to children.
My final conclusion, and findings of the research, will be presented as an video essay. The creation of video essay will be made using the trailer footage of the disney films – therefore giving me a time scale of how long to talk about each film (or perhaps make it shorter if need be). And the narrative dialogue will be simple explanation of the film’s positive and negative. However since I will not be able to quote every resource I find, there will be a link to my Task 2 page where all my research will be.
The submission will be through video link from Youtube onto WordPress.

The use of online articles is a good source, as the articles will be done by a range of ages (primarily adults) as well as different types of people – e.g. the public and parents.
Though the prime angle (which I’ll be looking at) of the research is opinion, the consideration (I need to make) is not whether they are correct (like looking up facts) but if the opinions are reasonable – and therefore I will need to keep an open mind as I research.


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