Sound Design Project – Task 3

Role of a Sound Designer:
A sound designer’s role for the production is in the title.
They have to create the over all sounds – excluding the soundtrack for each scene in the movie. Sound Designers “can either be the person who works directly with the director to shape the overall soundtrack of the film or a person who actually creates specific sounds, such as creature roars or sci-fi sound effects.” (Mark,2010).
However they are just one part of the process as others will be brought in to create the other sounds. Foley artists “deal with recreating the finer details that require a high degree of precision: The clop of someone’s shoes as they walk across the floor, the rustle of their jacket as they sit in a chair“(Chegg,2016) using a work shop that resembles a “junkyard of sorts, with various car bumpers, flare guns, and old shoes lying around beautiful recording equipment” (Chegg, 2016). As for the bigger explosions or background traffic noise are “the domain of Audio Engineers.”(Cheng, 2016).

All sounds will primarily be done in a studio so that it’s clear in the final film – with out any background sounds interfering. And with a variety of microphones there are a ton of choices available to help pick the right one for the job.

Chegg. (2016) CAREER SPOTLIGHT: Foley Artist Create custom sound effects that bring movies to life. [Online]. Available from:
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Aaron Marks Special: So, You Want to Be a Sound Designer?

ASD – Association of Sound Design . (2016) WHAT IS A SOUND DESIGNER FOR THEATRE? [Online] Available from:

Original Scene:

For my sound design project I decided to do the opening scene from one of my favourite fantasy films – Suckerpunch by Zack Snyder (300, Watchman, Man of Steel).
Below is my timeline showing what sounds I will need for the scene.
Suckerpunch opening scene – for wordpress

Below is my list of what sounds I plan to do in the studio, and which ones I plan to find online:

• Rain – Outside
• Footsteps – Wet ground
• Coffin lid – Rose and Dirt

• Light switch
• Cloth
• Footsteps – Carpet
• Footsteps – barefloor
• Rain – window
• Falling to floor – carpet
• Button
• Letter opener
• Drink
• Top tearing
• Kiss on forehead
• Door
• Key set
• Light bulb
• Telephone

• Projector
• Lighting and Thunder
• Fire – roars
• Glass breaks and crash
• Gun – cock and fire
• Gas being released
• Heartbeat

The one thing that I will need to remember is to clearly state in my upload to wordpress, and youtube, which audio sounds are not mine, and provide the link, as well as stating that my video is for a university assignment – not for profit.

My finished scene:

Below is my list of links for the found audio, and what I captured in the studio:
lighting clash:



Glass and smash:

Gun shot:

Gun cocking:

Song on radio – a foggy day by Caroll Gibbons

Studio (my own):
Knees – carpet
Kiss forehead
Wood – footsteps
Carpet – footsteps
Shovel – dirt
Lid – dirt
Light switch
Button turning


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