Sound Design Project – Task 4

A critical review on my finished edit:

Over all I am some what pleased with my final piece, even though there is much that could be done to improve it.
There are some sounds I recorded myself which suit the shot – and have been edited correctly, e.g the cloth movement and knees hitting the floor.
Though there are a few sounds which I am unhappy, and feel should be done again, e.g the footsteps – they were done too fast, and made it hard to slow them down for the slow motion.
The one sound I’m slightly worried about is the clock in the beginning – as it’s meant to be a symbolic sound rather than part of the bedroom. It’s meant to suggest that something big is going to happen, and it’s counting down to the unveiling of the moment – Babydoll’s mother is dead.

I feel that, despite being only a one person crew, I have done particularly well in managing to get my sounds. Some sounds were created using what I had and planned – set of keys for the stepfather’s keys, and others were created using what I didn’t think to use and on the day – a bag of gravel for the shovel and dirt going onto the coffin lid.
And there are a few sounds I am missing, which I could add in.

I feel though that my organising skills for actual recording went pretty well – as I would make a list before hand so that I knew exactly what was going to be done in the studio, and what was going to come from offline, and therefore on the day would be prepared to get on with recording.

With using protools to capture my audio I feel that I did pretty well as grasping the basics – with help from Jim – but still have a lot more to learn. And I feel the same about Audition, I know the basics and some extras (the extras I learnt from Martyn, a fellow classmate) but still have a lot to learn.


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