SSI: Task four – Evaluation (Resubmission)


My written essay
Chelsea Burgin – ssi2

My Video essay

I feel that though I have not completely supported my claim, I have managed to perhaps give ‘food for thought’ on the subject of the princesses. Because when researching into the subject I managed to find views which support my own, however there was a great deal more which went against it. I hope that my research would get others to look deeper into the princesses, and therefore perhaps search out their own views of whether or not the princesses are positive or negative.
If I were to come back to this subject I would try to get the opinions of the children, whom the princesses are targeted at. And see which princess they like, and what they feel that princess teaches them. As I feel that from the articles to use for quotation – it’s primarily written by adults and parents who say about what they feel teaches the princess. And while it’s understandable that a parent has a better idea of what is appropriate or not. Not every child has the same views or ideas, due to the environment they grow up in, and therefore some may look at the princesses differently. As well as looking up to a certain princess because they can relate to them.


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