Bombay Sapphire Project BLOG

29th Oct 14
I have been given our next assignment – Bombay Sapphire Project.
In this project I am to work in a group; some are from my class and the others are from the college course. My group consists of:
– Me
– Bradley
– Ben
– Joe B
– Lilly
– Joe C
– Josh
As a group we have to put together our idea and a pitch presentation by 3 o’clock. Our group headed over to C19 to then come up with ideas. After reading the script we then agreed to come up with our main idea – so that the individual ideas would be done at home. Using a whiteboard the group brainstormed – me, Joe and Ben gave an idea each, but we liked Ben’s best.
Each of us was then were given an individual job each.
My job was to do risk assessment and I worked with Joe C who was writing up about Locations. However me and Lilly, who was writing about Characters and Props, swapped roles when Brad, Ben and Lilly spoke about filming at Ratcliffe college. Joe C and Lilly went over to the college to write up the Locations and Risk Assessment.
Same day PM:
I finished writing up about the characters. Once it was done I got Brad to read the description to see if it was any good, he said it was. I then asked Brad and Ben if there was anything I could do – so I wasn’t sitting around.
Joe B was slightly struggling with his work – though he asked Brad and Ben I think he didn’t quiet understand. I asked the question in more detail, thus allowing Joe to get an answer that gave him a better idea of what he had to write.
Once our jobs were done everyone put their work onto my memory stick, except Josh because he had his own memory stick, so that we could head off to the library and print off the work. In the presentation I had to step in due to Joe C needing to leave early due to a personal matter.
Our pitch went ok in my opinion. Then we had feed back from John and Paul – on a positive our paperwork was very detailed, but idea wasn’t as good. Some of it was, but there were something’s that needed changing.

30th Oct 14
Today I just did some paperwork due to the script being changed. I was also talking to my group about random things, when Joe B got asked if he was going to be filming on Friday.
We were all ready aware that Joe C and Ben wasn’t going to be there due to personal matters, or work. Joe B said that he might not be able to make it.

31st Oct 14
We’ve got our footage.
The people who made it were Brad, Me and Lilly. We also had Jai as well who kindly agreed to act for us. Filming at Ratcliffe college wasn’t a problem, and we had no rain. In my opinion the four of us got along very well – we had a few laughs here and there. My main role was to record the audio, which after finding out how to operate the recorder was a pretty easy job.
I think the highlight for the group was our final shot of the day using the jig. But my highlight was that we got the shots done with out falling out. All in all really good day. Now just need to put the final film together, and finish off paperwork.

5th Nov 14
It is the final week of the project.
All paperwork and the video has to be in by 5:00 on Friday (plus screen shots sent to Paul before this time). Today I had just done more paperwork.

6th Nov 14
Today I’ve uploaded the footage, and audio files, onto my mac. Then I imported the files onto Premier pro and have started to put my film together.
I have finished putting the video together, and I’ve started putting my audio in place. I plan to do more paperwork in uni, then finish it off at home.

7th Nov 14
All morning I’ve been busy working on my video making sure everything is in place. The last thing I did before finishing it – was downloading an appropriate soundtrack and sound effect of a phone ringing from ‘Freesfx’.
The film has been exported and downloaded onto Vimeo. I just been need to put the final touches to my paperwork and put it onto WordPress. The last thing to do is put my TASK 4 paperwork in, but before I do that I plan to screen grab all my work – ready to put into an email to Paul.


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