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Asylum trailer: task 4 – Be able to reflect on own editing work

I have very mixed emotions about the final trailer.
The quality of the video was decent, however before editing I should have put the clips through ‘MPEG Stream clip’ so that Premier Pro was able to read the footage better – therefore allowing editing to go more smoothly.
Before editing I watched a few examples of ‘asylum’ trailers, so that I could understand how to edit my own version. The final result could have been done, because I feel that my trailer dose not flow as smoothly as the original asylum trailer. Though, yes, the trailer is to be our own edit, the trailer was to be smilier in way to ‘asylum’ trailers. Although I think what I’ve done sort of tells a story, there could be some serious improvement, because my trailer has tried to put too much in – when it just needed to be simple to explain the story, to a certain extent. The suitability of my trailer is probably more, not really – because as I said does not run smoothly enough, nor is it very clear on it’s plot.
The contribution that I put towards the filming came really in the clips near the end of the trailer. I merely captured the footage, while my group explained what they wanted in the scene – and acted out the scene. My teams contribution was mainly the other clips, which they captured and directed.
In the actual filming side that went pretty well.
The class worked very well as they worked hard, and I easily got along with that, because we had the same goal at the end of the day. However working on my own, but mainly my time keeping – requires serious improvement. Mainly I need to learn to make my own choices, rather than delaying by trying to have someone tell me what to do. My editing skills need improving because I need to be not afraid to experiment.

The main things I need to work on is experimenting, so by trying different tools on premier pro – and to look up tutorials on youtube to give me ideas. And more importantly my time keeping needs to be improved.