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Task 1: Research the Context for a variety of research projects


The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) is the public service broadcaster of the United Kingdom, headquartered at Broadcasting House in London. It is the world’s oldest national broadcasting organisation and the largest broadcaster in the world by number of employees, with over 20,950 staff in total, of whom 16,672 are in public sector broadcasting;including part-time, flexible as well as fixed contract staff, the total number is 35,402.“(1)

The structure in the system is like that of a pyramid.
AN example I will use is the structure to the structure of the news night when the Saville Scandal and the 2nd November child abuse story. The structure is about showing who makes decisions, and who receives them. The final say comes from the Chairman of BBC Trust (and the Vice Chairman).
Those at the bottom receive the orders and see that they are carried out. In order to ensure that everything runs smooth, each department has at least one person in charge – with an appropriate team to back them up. Each department sticks to their job, yet they all work as one.
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Keith Rupert Murdoch /ˈmɜrdɒk/,[8] AC, KCSG (born 11 March 1931) is an Australian-born American business magnate. Murdoch became managing director of Australia’s News Limited, inherited from his father Sir Keith Arthur Murdoch in 1952. He is the founder, chairman and CEO of global media holding company News Corporation, the world’s second-largest media conglomerate, and its successors News Corp and 21st Century Fox after the conglomerate split on 28 June 2013.“(3)
In the modern Moving Image Industries of today Murdoch is considered a threat, and that is understandable when the reason why. In May 2014 Murdoch planned to merge his “prized television production assets into a single joint venture“(4). Despite the deal making sure “the companies do not lose their footing in the television industry pecking order, despite a spate of consolidation” of the prior months. Doing such a deal as “one of the largest companies in the TV business, the new joint venture would have more clout with broadcasters, putting it in a powerful position to sell a single idea for a television programme in multiple countries around the world. It would also be in a stronger position to attract top-tier producers and presenters, which are key to getting TV deals off the ground.“(4)