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Task 2: BECTU


The BECTU (Broadcasting, Entertainment, Cinematograph and Theatre Union) “is the UK’s media and entertainment trade union; sectors covered include broadcasting, film, independent production, theatre and the arts, leisure and digital media.”(1). The Union’s job is to “represents staff, contract and freelance workers who are based primarily in the United Kingdom.”(1) Also they offer the following services:
* Negotiating pay, conditions and contracts with employers
* Personal advice and representation for individual members
* Advice and representation on health and safety
* Benefits and services for BECTU members
* Training support and courses
* Networking events and career development opportunities
* Union journal, Stage Screen and Radio, published six times a year.
Website designed to improve access to the union’s advice and support.
(from reference 1)
However their main aim is to “protect jobs, increase membership, win new recognition agreements, and improve pay and conditions of service, including pensions”(1)

The BBC Pay and Pensions Campaign
The campaign came about in 2010 after the BECTU “criticised a 1% pay rise offer from the BBC, claiming it is an attempt by the Corporation to make its staff pay for “last year’s bungled negotiations over the future level of the licence fee”.”(2)
The Union replied by wanting to call for “an increase of inflation plus 2% for its members working at the BBC.”(2) Also “In addition to the claim for inflation plus 2%, the unions had called for a minimum increase of £1,000 to help the “increasing number of BBC staff at the bottom of the pay scales who are struggling to make ends meet as inflation continues rising”. However, the BBC offered a £400 minimum rise.”(2).
BECTU had a commitment to it’s members as is stated in the about page on the BECTU main website – “improve pay and conditions of service, including pensions”(2). In 2010 the BECTU were “asking members to support the joint unions demand that the value of any past pension should be fully protected and not devalued.”(3)
BECTU wanted to ensure that it’s members received the fair payment they deserved for their hard work.

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