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Task 1: Understand Styles, Techniques, Codes and Conventions of a Music Video

In this Analysis I plan to watch ‘Call me when your Sober’ by Evanescence, a Gothic rock band, ‘Come to daddy’ by Aphex Twin, and finally ‘Come into my world’ by Kylie Minogue. Each video has been directed by a different director, however there are certain things that will be similar.

Before diving into the analysing of music videos some key features – must be established which are the purpose of a music video, the style of a music video, the techniques to create a music, and the codes and convention within the music video.
For start the main purpose of a music video is to, mainly, promote a new song by an artist, or band. However a band, or artist, can do a music video which will involve footage from a new film – therefore catching the attention of fans. But another purpose is to allow fans to feel that they are connecting to their favourite artist in a way, because some music videos present visually the meaning behind the lyrics. And some lyrics replay a personal experience that the artist has been through – therefore allowing a fan to have a small glimpse into the artist’s past, or present.
The style of Music videos varies yet there are similar features used in a music video – however a director will put a unique twist on a music video’s genre in order to make it stand out. However music videos mainly contain filmed footage, whether it be from a film or live performances.
The techniques used to create the video are the only thing similar in all music videos – yet in choice of appearance all depends on the negotiation between the client and director.
The codes and conventions in the music video are usually from the lyric interpretation which can be literally a story being told, or about something going on that means something to the artist.

There are four styles of music video:
– Narrative: Most popular in the 1980s and 90s this Music Video literally told a story (with maybe a few shots of the artist playing.)
– Montage: Similar to Narrative the Montage music video told a story – but the clips had the story shortened down, as a way of lazy story telling yet effective (a most famous example of montage was the training scene from ‘Rocky’)
– Band Playing: Popular in the 1980s, like Narrative, the Band Playing Music Video literally had various clips of the bands playing on stage – or in a studio.
– Abstract: The most easy of the Music video styles. The video would contain various clips that would be all linked, yet didn’t make a story plot.