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Depict project: Task 4 – Critically reflect upon your own production work

Now the set time for my project has come to a close, I have handed in my animation.
Due to it taking so long to make the stop motion I was unable to complete all the frames I needed to make the ninety second film. However what I have created I am pleased, with due to the fact this is my first time using photo shop. My digital art skills could do with some work. Yet I managed to keep with the original idea of drawing Spark, my cartoon, as a stick figure who takes on a life of her own.
As I sat making each frame I fell into an easy pattern of putting it together, and every once in a while I’d watched what I’d done so far. Each time I watched the animation it gave me a sense of motivation to keep going. My understanding of Photoshop and animation has improved, with a bit of help watching tutorials on youtube when I got stuck. The quality of my animation is not the best, due to this being my first time using a digital art software, however I think it is quirky in a way.
I think if I plan to do another animation I will try to get a program like Photoshop onto my lap top – therefore allowing myself to be able to have time at home to do the animation. Over all I did well with what I had done.