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Task 2: Illustrate a story – BLOG

1st October 2014
We have been given a new assignment today which is title ‘Illustrate a story’. Kash has given us our ‘rules’ they are the following:
– No longer than 3 minutes
– The only Props are: A Rose, A Watch and Water
– Can only include four lines of Narration (NO dialogue), if we include dialogue we need to include the line “Time stood still”

Kash has had us look at examples of ‘film shorts’ to see what we can do.
After viewing these videos I am going to try and keep my idea as simple as possible, yet be creative – so this film can be done in the smallest amount of time yet it will have effort put to it.
For a few minutes I am going to Brain storm and maybe use the props as symbols.
Same day afternoon:
I had a word with my group members, Tom and Liam, before lunch as we discussed our plan for filming. And we have agreed to do:
Today (this afternoon) – We each come up with an individual idea.
Thursday (morning) – We have a meeting in the morning to discuss who’s idea we are going to film. We will be able to do filming because I’ll have my own camera, and tripod.
Thursday (afternoon) – finish filming
Friday (morning) – maybe view our footage, see if there’s anything else we need. Then edit.
Friday (afternoon) – finalise edit
I have an idea in my head – which I plan to write down – and I’ll be doing some character concept art. But first my plot needs to be written down.
My plot is now done, and the plot is:

Time stood Still by Chelsea Burgin

It’s a few days until Valentines day.
And on Valentines day, at a local University, there is to be a dance where couples can spend an evening together. Harold, a young man who known for being hard working – yet shy, wants to ask a woman who is on his course – her name is Bella. She is a pretty and confident girl (not a horrible ‘queen bee’).
Harold at first feels nervous but then seeing what ‘time’ he has left – he bucks up the courage to speak to her.
At the dance Harold is seen waiting for her, having a drink of ‘water’, and Bella walks in to meet her friends. As Harold goes to talk to her, with a ‘ rose’ in hand , he then sees Luke – a young man on a different course – enters the hall with her.
Heartbroken Harold goes and sits outside waiting for the dance to finish when he’s tapped on the shoulder. Looking up he’s greeted by Lucy – a woman who is on the same course as Harold and Bella – who is holding the rose he dropped as he left the hall.
She holds her hand out to him to which Harold accepts, though he looks a bit unsure. The two share a dance, and by the end of the evening Harold is seen walking out of the hall with Lucy, holding her hand. As they look at each other their eyes lock, and ‘time stands still’ as they realise maybe something can happen between the two of them.

This plot was through of through thinking the symbolism of a rose (love and beauty), and using an idea for a couple which I came up with a while back. My goal or moral of this ‘romance’ tale is that when looking for a partner – look properly.

2nd October 2014
Started filming today, and we are going with Liam’s idea. At the moment we have filmed some scenes – and hopefully we’ll have all the footage by the end of today. Then that way we can download all we need tomorrow and edit the final video – ready to put on WordPress. Then we have all weekend to do our paperwork. My plan is to come in on Monday Morning – just to put all paper work on.
I’ll ask someone in my tutor group if I don’t know how to put on the video. So long as I keep calm this could all go according to plan.

3rd October 2014
We managed to get all the footage we needed, and I have very nearly completed my edit – I just need to add music.
Today it’s tutorial at the end of the day – that is when I’ll make sure all my paperwork is in order. And that my second video – which is my evaluation – is ready to add my audio of talking about the film (what went well, what didn’t and if I was going to do it again what would I do).
While waiting for my reset password to freeSFX (a website to get copyright free music) I am going to watch my finished video, and write up my speech for me to record at home. So then when I come in on Monday I can upload my finished video.

6th October 2014
This morning I’ll be putting the final touches to my paperwork.
I have scrapped the idea of doing a video review – since this will create more work and not enough time. Instead I’ll be writing up my evaluation either as a detailed blog entry or an essay.
But for now what I’ll do now is A. my second piece of work for Post Production and B. find another website to get some copyright music (I haven’t been sent an email to reset my password).
Then tomorrow I’ll be export my video, make up my menu for ‘Illustrate a story’ so that Kash will be able to find it.
My plan is just to put everything together and send Kash screen grabs so that she knows that I’ve done the work on time.

7th October 2014
My video is done!
I have set up myself a Vimeo account so my video can be put on WordPress – however I need to receive a verify email to start down loading videos.
I have finished Task 1 paperwork, my blog is updated – all that is left to do is write up the rest of my essay review. Then after doing this I’ll check up my emails to see if the verify email’s come through.
If it hasn’t then I’ll take photos of all my paperwork which I’ll attach to an email to Kash.