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Task 3: Illustrate a story – Blog entry review for ‘Guilt’

7th October 2014

FINAL BLOG ENTRY – Review of ‘Guilt’

A young man in his late teens walks onto the screen.
In one hand he holds a rose, in the other a water bottle, as he walks away from the camera. Suddenly we are pulled to another time and place – as we see the teen argue with a girl, who we assume is his girlfriend, before walking off screen.
We then cut back to the teen walking before he stops to look. He has three ways to go – he can go left, he can right, or he can go straight ahead.
He follows the left. And thus the opening to Guilt is presented.

Guilt, a short film created by Liam Hagen, follows the young man as he attempts to sort things out with, what appears to be his, girlfriend. The film was recorded in one big chunk, but the plot has divided the footage into three ‘paths’. All three paths start with the same begging, though the ending, which is in the same place, the over all outcome is different each time.
Using simple locations at Brooksby Campus, Melton Mowbray, my team were able to play out the plot in a similair style to the film ‘RUN LOLA RUN’. The German thriller, which has been a source of inspiration for the editing of this short film, tells the tale of a young woman named Lola who must get money for her boyfriend, which he has to use to pay to his boss. We then follow Lola through three ‘runs’ as she tries to get the money. All start similiar – but the runs are different; resulting in various endings.
Using this different style Guilt hopefully has the similar effect of impact that ‘Run Lola Run’ had. In path one we are introduced to the boyriend, and with the flash back his girlfriend, before we come back to watching him on the walk.
At the crossroads the character goes left, this path leads him to being late; and missing his girlfriend.
Then after seeing the same intro to path one, we follow the boy as he goes off to the right, this time he is on time. However his girlfriend dosen’t want him.
And then finally, after seeing the same intro one last time, we are seeing walk no. 3 as the boy goes straight ahead. This time he is early and his girlfriend is pleased to have him back.

What I liked about the video:
I liked the plot when Liam explained it to our group, and it was an intresting idea. Thinking about an event that’s happened, and then to wonder what could ‘have’ happend if you had been that little bit slower, or faster, is quiet intriguing.
Though Liam got us to film the basic footage, and not from different angles, I think the general film turned out pretty well and effective.
Also as I relooked at my video in my opinion there is a hint of a moral, or symbolism, to the story. We see the characters has a problem, their argument, and he tries to solve that problem – meeting her before she goes. Try one and two involves him finding away ‘around’ the problem (he takes the left, then the right path). However both choices end with the problem not bring solved. Then when the character takes the problem head on (he goes down the forward path on ‘path three’); the problem gets resolved. I feel that the moral is that ‘when facing a problem, try to get to the heart of it – and see if it is that hard to solve’.

What I didn’t like about the video:
My main dislike is that I was limited on different angels for each scene – there was only one or two different angels for each scene.
Also it wasn’t until after importing the video that I realized that in one shot the daylight was grey, and in others footage of the same scene the sun was shining.
My final dislike was the export quality, I think I have chosen the wrong settings some where.

What I would do if I redid this:
I would do the same plot; however I would do the following:
A. I would shoot different angels in a particualr shot
B. I would have redone the scenes had the sun come out as we filmed.

Overall I think my team worked really well, and we did listen to each other. Our filming schedule ran smoothly – I think by me brining in my own camera and trpod helped the team to a certain extent.
And my final edit of Guilt came out really well – except for the setting when I exported – but overall I’m really happy with it.