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Negotiated project: Evaluation

For the negotiated project my original idea was to create a short film that would involve a “positive” view on zombies – just as the public see vampires and werwolves. However due to the time span of being able to create the film, and the length of my script, I had to cut down on my idea – turning it into a book trailer. But then during the filming process I was unable to film the second half of my trailer. And yet I have simply used the first half of my footage, and turned it into a film trailer instead.
I am very pleased with the end result. I think that this trailer is something that I’ve worked really hard on, and I hope that work can be seen in the trailer. I feel that the simplicity is just right – there isn’t too much being revealed about the plot, but then there is just enough to get an idea of the story. My goal with the trailer was to create something that would hook viewers, and make them wonder what’s going to happen next.
The edit of the trailer has done very well, I feel that I have managed to copy Hitchcock’s style to a certain degree. Though I do feel that there are parts where the shots could have been tighter, to create the extra edge to the trailer.The only thing that I need to work on is checking the footage to see if it’s over exposed, after filming a shot. Or possibly using Da Vinci to sort out exposure.
I think my final edit has come together well in the end – even if it’s not my original idea.
My time management skills need to be worked on. Since it took me a while to come up with an idea, this cut into my creating time. However I feel my confidence in being a director has improved some what, as when Martyn helped me with filming I knew exactly what to tell him.

Over all I feel that this project has been a huge success, and I have managed to create a short simple idea – something which I sometimes struggle with.