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Negotiated Project: Research

(IMPORTANCE NOTICE: The images within this written piece do not belong me, they belong to their respected owners – and quote’s source is listed below. This assigment is for educational purposes only.)

I am terrified of zombies.
There are times when I think it’s a fear that is a serious ‘Phobia’. Out of all of the Monsters in literature, mythology, and films – zombies take the number one spot in my ‘KEEPS ME AWAKE AT NIGHT’ list. And as you can guess a zombie apocalypse takes the number one spot in my ‘HOW I DON’T WANT THE WORLD TO END’ list.
So why do I want to film a story about what I’m afraid of, you may ask? Well after realising that my fear was getting ridicules, I asked myself why I was afraid. It was as I was thinking to myself ‘You’re not afraid of werewolves, or vampires, and they’re just as dangerous’. It was then I realised that there was loads of films – and novels – where the vampires, and werewolves, are portrayed over all as dangerous – yet the ‘hero’ were portrayed as, what I like to call, ‘controlled dangerous’. What I mean is that the audience knows that these monsters are dangerous, but there is the odd one or two, usually the male, or female, lead, that keep their killing urges under control – showing that they have a conscious of right and wrong, and therefore we should not fear them. They are human, but at the same time they’re not.
To my knowledge there is only a few stories with zombies as the good guys. So I thought by creating my own idea of a “positive” zombie – not only creating an original idea. But also over come my fear.


(When working with any genre – to write a script for a film, and make it ‘authentic’ – it is highly recommended to look up background information. Since I’m working with zombies, the research needs to start with the “bare bones”)
In a nut shell “zombies are undead creatures, typically depicted as mindless, reanimated human corpses with a hunger for human flesh.” (1). The folklore of zombies date back thousand of years, mainly to the Haiti culture, where it is believed that a zombie is a dead corpse – which is made to arise from the grave through the use of magic, mainly Voodoo. However it is more modern films, and novels, that zombies have been given an “upgrade”, since that it is portrayed that a zombie can be made through a virus – “transforming its human hosts into cannibalistic monsters”(2)

‘White Zombie’ – “considered the first full length zombie film”(3) – was made was in 1932, starring Early horror legend Bela Lugosi as a voodoo master. “Based on The Magic Island by William Seabrook, tells the story of a young woman’s transformation into a zombie at the hands of an evil voodoo master”(3), the zombie in the film follows the original concept, a dead corpse is brought back to “live” using magic as a slow walking zombie. For a long while the idea of a zombies in films remained the same – on its own a zombie is slow, and only has natural human strength – meaning it can be over powered. But like a school of piranhas, a group of zombies can over power one human eating them alive.
Even as early as the 1960s the zombies stayed the same, and from that era came George A. Romero’s Night of the Living Dead (a true classic horror). But as the zombie concept began to die out – properly due to being predictable, and not as scary as they once were – a challenge was set for film, author and even game makers.
Yet in the 1990s ‘Resident Evil’ – a series of survival horror games were released, due to the games success a film (then followed by a franchise) was released in 2002 – released a whole new look for the monster known as Zombie. The “zombies” in this game were genetically created by scientists in a lab. They were stronger, faster and more heavily armed than their slower ancestors.
With the beauty of altering reality to one’s own will – through fiction – these new zombies brought a fresh wave of fear to the public, one that both thrills and chills. Then ‘World War Z’ brought in zombies which were compromise, they were stronger than the traditional zombie – yet did not have the same strength as the Resident Evil zombie.
And similar zombies can be seen in the TV series ‘Walking Dead’ – based on the comic book of the same name. For now these zombies dominate the screen, and even in ‘Warm Bodies’- a romantic comedy. And with the change of public views – on what is terrifying, and what isn’t – it’ll only be a matter of time until the zombies are given yet another make over for the worse… or better.


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One idea I have is to create a short film where a human girl meets a male zombie, and she discovers that not all stories to the zombie’s are true.
Another idea I may go for is a Book/Film Trailer. To gain an idea of what goes into a book trailer, I’ve looked up on YouTube the following trailers:
• ‘Red Queen’ by Victoria Aveyard – 0:59 (
• ‘The Heir’ by Kiera Cass – 1:00 (
• ‘Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children’ by Ransom Riggs – 1:44 (
• ‘Book of the dead’ by Patricia Cornwell – 0:20 (

DIRECTOR CHOICE: Alfred Hitchcock
For my negotiated project I have decided to use the style of Alfred Hitchcock, the renowned Master of Suspense.
Hitchcock is famous for as variety of psychological thriller films such as Vertigo, Rear Window, North by Northwest, The Birds, and the highlight of his career – Psycho. Using a series of cuts, close ups, and continuous shots Hitchcock managed to give his audience the frights of their lives. Also the suspension created by Hitchcock also engages the viewer – making them curious and therefore watch him films, making the audience members step into the mind of Hitchcock.
Like Hitchcock I want to create tension and suspense – because it will hook the audience in, and this feel will be a serious one rather than comedic as the usual romance zombie films. My goal is to get audience to feel like ‘I hope it works out for these two young lovers’ and ‘What will happen next?’.

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