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Task 4: Be able to reflect on own moving image production work

(Below is the video done by the Level 3 students)

Review on my performance:
During the post production phase I feel that I did all right. I emailed Brooksby, which was a act of confidence for me, and I made sure to check my emails regularly to see when they replied.
However I feel that there were times where I feel that I should have been a bit more pushy with the crew.
The rewrite of the script was taking too long, though Jai and myself decided to be considerate since the level 3 were having a project along side ours, however it was getting to a point where I was beginning to think that a script wasn’t going to be ready to film.
At one point I got Jai and myself to sit our group down to have a discussion – because we were told two different stories when it came to passing on information from Georgie and Ellie to Dan after meetings. I was told one story by the girls, and another story by Dan. So Jai and myself got them together – only Ellie and Dan turned up due to Georgie having work to complete – and we just basically asked them what was going on. And, in a firm but fair way, asked if they could get along to complete the script, as well as if there was any problems could they tell us.
However the script was finally finished, and then the group went to Brooksby to film.
Even after explaining to Ellie – who was director – about three times what the shots were in the script. She didn’t step up and take on her role as Director, I ended up doing it. And Georgie had to be pushed and reminded to do camera. In the end Martyn – whose camera and car – we were borrowing took over. Dan did his job of sound recording the best he could.

Review on overall video:
The final film had been changed from our original script slightly. The final video did follow the script, the story plot is somewhat confusing by the time we reach the end.
However I feel that there are parts where the film cuts too late into the shot, also I feel that the sound could have been done again. A final point is that I feel that the film is missing shots that explain what’s happened, (but this is due to on filming day time was spent too much on the first part, and not enough time was left for the second part.)
In conclusion it could do with a few fixes before it fits with what our original plan was.