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Script Writing for Moving Image Fiction (BLOG)

13th Nov 2014
Paul gave us our new assignment.
For a start the class was given a general over view of the project – to create a script for a film which would be turned into an actual film for the DepicT competition.
After the class received a brief idea about Task 1 – Marketing and Commissioning – as well as examples of where to look the class was allowed to do their own research. I began by looking at the Commissioning process – which involved finding websites (e.g. BBC, Channel 4, etc) where a script writer might have a chance to get their script made into an actual film or TV series. I plan to do the commissioning piece for since that seems to be easier to find out; then I plan to write about the Marketing process afterwards.

20th Nov 2014
Today in class we discussed about Task 2 – Originating and Developing a script idea.
Paul introduced the class to ‘the 3 act/arch structure’ by scriptwriting guru Syd Field – whose structure has been considered the best to use when writing a script. To see if this is true Paul put on Disney’s ‘Paperman’ and Cutter Hodierne’s ‘Fishing without Nets’ in order for the class to see if the short films followed the structure. For Task 2 I am expected to write an analytical essay on the 3 act structure – using two short films as examples, and whether they follow the structure.
For the essay I plan to use ‘Paperman’ and ‘Fishing without Nets’ because I found both films enjoyable and interesting.
Also in Task 2 we are come up with two original ideas to write as a script for DepicT, and we need to make the idea 90 seconds long. To gain some inspiration of what has been done, and how much can happen in the film, I went to the DepicT website to watch some videos. My favourite one was ‘Carpark’ which is about a man’s trip shopping which takes a disastrous turn after making a dog bark in a car – it was very humours.

8th Jan 2015
After Christmas break there is only three weeks left to finish the script writing task.
Before Christmas break I tried to come with up simple short ideas – but every time it happened the idea ended up being too long, or would involve more creating time than I have.
(See below for other ideas)

Depict Scriptwriting idea – No. 1
Subject: Fairy tale, hidden secrets, masks
Inspiration: The idea that we hide who we want to be, because the world will not accept the hidden side of us.
Media form: Animation

Depict Scriptwriting idea – No. 2
Subject: Future, Hope, Romance
Inspiration: This happened to me in real life – I tweak one or two things.
Media form: Live Action
Plot for Idea no. 2:
The scene takes place on a bus.
There is a teen sat near the back, two middle age ladies sit near the front, a couple and their child sit in the front.
Another passenger, a young woman named Meg, enters the bus and takes her seat. Meg opens up her bag to take out her mobile phone, as the bus pulls away, and headphones – we can see the romance novel, THE NOTEBOOK by Nicholas Sparks, in her bag – before she does up her bag.
Putting her headphones in Meg leans her head on the window. She looks gloomy – her phone starts to tell her that she has a call coming in from ‘Mark’ which she clicks ignore.
Tears begin to well up in her eyes, but Meg brushes them away. She shifts a bit in her seat as if trying to curl up a bit. Meg notices something in the window, and she looks at the couple with the toddler.
The dad gives a bottle to the toddler before sitting back with the mum. The mum leans her head on the dad shoulder before holding his hand. Meg looks at her phone when her mum sends her a text.
Mum: ‘Had a nice time?’
Meg: ‘No, dumped’
Meg looks back at the couple. She sees how happy they are – in comparison to how miserable she is. Then Meg gets another text.
Mum: ‘It’ll be all right, sweetheart. It’s his loss. I know you were together a long time, so take your time to heal – you will find someone. Never give up hope ☺ xXx’
Meg looks at the text then back at couple who are smiling at each other before sharing a quick, yet sweet, kiss. They then look back at their child. Meg looks back out the window where we see a small smile on her face. It’s not a big happy smile – but it’s a smile.

Story idea no. 3:
This story follows a young woman who while taking a power nap – after working hard to try to over come her artist block – receives a visit from some old friends.
• Anna: An art student suffering from artist block.
• Viper: A chibi half woman and half snake drawing who takes Anna through her art book – back to her roots as what made her an artist.
• Raphael: A chibi male warrior angel drawing who helps Viper takes Anna back to her roots.
• Chibi: A cute little cat girl drawing who helps Raphael and Viper
• Anna’s dining room – Anna mainly does her drawings here
• Anna’s living room – This is where Anna has her nap
• Anna’s sketchbook – This is where Anna’s life work is stored, and an endless possibilities.
In the sketchbook:
o Forest – Faun
o Sea – Mermaids
o Sky – Harpies
o Cemetery – Vampires
Real world:
Anna is sat at her dining table with her art supplies. We can see an assignment paper, and that she’s stressed. Giving up Anna closes her book before heading to the living room. Anna falls asleep hoping to get some inspiration. The real footage fades to a drawn picture of Anna Chibi style.
Anna sits up find herself on a drawing of her sofa. A whistle draws her attention to see a roller coaster waiting for her, and three characters sit waiting for her. Anna gets on the roller coaster and it sets off. The roller coaster goes through four worlds all based on the themes of Fantasy. When the roller coaster stops Raphael touches the part of her heart – telling her never to forget to listen to her heart.

story idea no. 4 SEASONS – Stop Motion Animation
At the end of winter, and the begging of spring, The Holly King and The Oak King fight to see who will rule for the coming season.
Set with in a winter meadow The Holly King is walking through his frozen kingdom, until he stops sensing another presence. Turning he sees the Oak king awaiting him. Drawing their swords The Holly King and The Oak King battle. The fight happens until The Oak King claims victory. As The Holly King turns to water, The Oak king takes the crown and places it on his head. The Oak king walks away as the winter meadow melts leaving behind a spring meadow.
Time passes and next we see The Oak King walking though the spring meadow. Then he senses a presence. He turns to see The Holly King. The film ends with them both once again drawing their swords.

I’ve managed to come up with a short fantasy idea – but it’s maybe tricky to do since that I have Harpy characters in mine. I’ve also watched a short video about a stop animation called ‘What would you do for her?’ – it was about a boy trying to get a flower for his girl , but then his girl gets kidnapped by a little demon. It was an awesome animation, and so cute too! The video helped me pick my choice of film style – stop animation. Now I just need to create a simple idea to create using this method.

15th Jan 2015
I have finally created an idea that I love and will be suitable for the competition.
Story idea no. 5:
While in Katie is busy doodling that have magical results.
A young girl, named Katie, who is stuck indoors while it rains is busy doodling herself as a cartoon, named Spark, with superpowers. Suddenly the cartoon winks at her. Katie watches as Spark run across various surfaces that are styled as a game – learning the basics of the game; move, jump, block, fight. Then she battles with a main villain. Spark defeats the villain, and hold aloft her sword. Katie smiles before doodling some more.
• Katie: A university student who loves to draw. Whilst in a lesson her drawing comes to life, and plays out her day-to-day life as a game.
• Spark: A chibi styled superhero, and main character of the game, that has Electrifying powers – controls lighting, create storms, super speed.
• Deadend: A square shaped/dragon like boss in Spark’s game.
I have decided to title it Adventure of Spark. I wrote my intended plot before writing out the first script draft.

22nd Jan 2015
Since our usual teachers are off Jon has allowed us to have an EXTRA day to hand in the work – so that we’re not just sitting around doing nothing in class tomorrow. I’ve been writing out my script – in the plots simplest form – then rewriting it because I needed to make some tweaks. I’ve rewritten the script three times before writing my final draft. Personally I’m happy with it because it’s a quirky and fun idea. The only fiddly bit will be taking each little picture, and drawing each character in a certain number of poses (I say ‘fiddly’ rather than ‘difficult’, because if I say ‘difficult’ then I’m implying that it can’t be done.)

23rd Jan 2015
I’m putting some final tweaks to my other work, and checking that I have what is requested of me in the tasks, before sending the pages to Paul.