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Script Writing for Moving Image Fiction – TASK 3: Research, Develop and Present Scripts

My final idea is The Adventure of Sparks.

Plot/scene by scene breakdown:  The plot is in linear order, and SINGLE strand, like the narrative arch:

  • Introduction (scene one):  Katie is busy doodling at home whilst it’s raning, and creates Spark. Spark winks at Katie who is surprised.
  • Inciting incident (scene two): Spark is told to Walk, she walks.
  • Rising Action (scene three): Then she is told to JUMP, she jumps up onto another platform. Spark is then told to Block. Deadend appears and lets out a roar before attacking using a ball of fire. Spark uses a force shield to counterattack.
  • Climax (scene four): Spark makes a cage which she uses to trap Deadend in.
  • Falling action (scene five): Spark does a victory dance after WINNING.
  • Resolution (scene six): Katie smiles before STARTING to doodle again.

Characters(a overview, and more in-depth description to truly know my characters)

  • Kaite: A young girl who loves to draw. Whilst she is stuck in doors doodling during the rain – Katie imagines what it would be like to be a super hero. The end result is Spark, a princess/superhero, who comes to life. As Katie’s imagination draws more of Spark’s world – Katie helps the princess, and her side kick  Baldwin, a nine tail shapeshifting cat, on her mission.
  • Spark: A chibi manga styled superhero/princess with electrifying powers – super speed, summons storms and controls lighting. After being drawn by Katie, Spark plays out an opening level like in a game (where the player learns the basic controls) to entertain Katie. Spark was the only child of a king and queen. One day her would be frenemey – Deadend came and took her family’s kingdom. Her father was imprisoned in the dungeon, and her mother was placed in a tower. Now Spark’s mission with her sidekick, Baldwin, is to take back the kingdom and rescue her family… while trying not to fall for Deadend.
  • Deadend: A dragon/human villain with fire based powers. He is brought into the game to fight Spark – her frenemy. Deadend, like many dragons, loves gold and Spark’s family owns a lot of gold. One day Deadend took over the castle, and imprisoned the king who came to fight Deadend. Now Deadend’s mission is to keep the castle, and stop Spark from taking it back. However as her fiery determination, and personality, comes through – showing that she is not like other princesses; Deadend finds himself developing feelings for Spark and finding her adorable – much to her irritation. However Deadend has vowed not to give back the kingdom with out a fight.

Scripts (draft)

Screen Shot 2015-01-22 at 14.24.41

Screen Shot 2015-01-22 at 14.24.53

Screen Shot 2015-01-23 at 10.47.59


Screen Shot 2015-01-23 at 10.48.45