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Task 2: Bombay Sapphire Project – Create the film

Filming Date: 31st October 2014
Filming Location: Ratcliffe boarding school
Members of the group who attended: Bradley (Director), Chelsea – ME (Sound operator), Lilly (Camera Operator)
Members of the college who attended, but were not part of the group: Kash (tutor), John (tutor and transporter), Jai (actor)

Out of the seven people who were in our group only three were able to make it to the filming. (Reasons why of being unable to come were due to personal reasons and work).
Despite this we carried on and we each had the following roles:
Lilly – Camera operator
Chelsea (me) – sound operator
Brad – director
Jai – actor

I did feel nervous at being put in charge with handling the recorder (which was a Yamaha Handheld Recorder H4N). However it had all ready been set up for the first scene we were to record, and I was asked to take over with the rest of the recording which I agreed to (I had asked Brad if there any job he wanted me to do – so I wasn’t standing around.)
As we prepared to recored our next scene I asked Jai how to operate the recorder, due to Brad and Lilly being busy, which thankfully he told me. From there it was smooth sailing. While recording I made sure to concentrate on that what I was recording was both clear, and it was what we needed for the video.

The only two, or perhaps, three things that would have been a problem were:
1. If we got to the location and the recorder didn’t work (Obviously before the group left the equipment would need to be checked to see if it was working properly before we left.)
2. The batteries, or memory card, could have ran out before we were finished recording. (We had spare batteries and memory card on stand by – once again we would have had to have checked, before we got to Ratcliffe college)
3. Extra noises while recording. (If Brad just wanted the character’s lines record then while listening to the recorder – I would have had to listen to see if the recorder picked up any other sounds apart from the actors voice. If there were any background noises it would have been up to me to tell the group; then we would have had to wait until the noise had gone.)