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Task 4: Bombay Sapphire Project – Reflect on the Production and Post Production Process

The Bombay Sapphire project was to be the last short project of this year, and to go out with a bang we had to work in a group of seven.
Three of us would be from the HNC Year while the other four would be from the 2nd college year. We were given an uncompleted script – only the lines of the characters for the begging and ending were set in stone. The rest was up to our group’s imagination.

The first thing the group did was go to a designated empty class room, and come up with our final idea.
This was a good choice as we only had until three o’clock on the first day to write up a pitch to present to our tutors; so that we could be allowed to use the mini bus for filming in another location – other than the college. Despite not knowing each other very well – we managed to get along pretty well.
using a white board we wrote wrote up an brainstorm (see below), that included any sparks of an idea that our group members could come up with. In the end we went with Ben – that involved a robbing – soon Bard came up with other ideas to build up on ben’s idea. Since we liked the idea we so much, it was time to get to work. It was during this time period that we had to work home – due to us needing to create a detailed pitch and therefore looking very organised. My first role was to do the ‘Risk assessment’, and I was tasked in looking at locations with Joe C. But then we got told to go back to the classroom by Brad, where I swapped roles with Lilly – who recommended Ratcliffe private school.
While she and Joe went to do ‘locations’ and ‘risk assessment’ paperwork. I wrote up about the characters – their looks, personality and what they would be wearing.
Our group did very well – we didn’t get stressed. Brad did very well as the director because he was blunt, and if there was something to be done he would tell you.
Screen Shot 2014-11-07 at 16.21.00

The paperwork ready before 3:00 and using my memory stick we put the work on – to then print off at the library. But then we were told that the pitches weren’t going to be held until 3:30, we still went to the library regardless. As we printed off the work Joe C had to go – due to a personal matter. In the pitch the college student were going to be the ones speaking; however since they were a person down to talk about the characters – I stepped up because I knew what had been written about them. Our pitch went very well, the tutors were impressed by our depth of proposal (the best they had seen apparently).
HOWEVER there was a problem. Our story – we had written a story about two men breaking into a school to steal equipment, and in the heist a child dies. The man who shot the child feels no remorse, but his partner is petrified because he didn’t want any one to get hurt.
When the group explained it in further detail, the tutors liked the theme of redemption the scared partner may commit. But they said that we need to tweak our story some what. So we didn’t get to film on Thursday like we wanted.

I think our group was organised, but because we wanted to be ready as quickly as possible while having detailed planning – We forgot to look at the terms and conditions of the website (nor any other rules like the BBFC). So though we gave a good quality proposal, we paid the price with the giving a not so good quality story.

However we did get Friday.
And that went really well. Sadly we only had three of our group’s members able to come, but that didn’t stop us. Jai, who was from another group, agreed to act for our group. We arrived at Ratcliffe manor and we soon had our selves underway. Lilly took the role of camerawoman, obviously brad was director – and Jai was directing. For a start I didn’t really have job – but I was prepared to be a sort of ‘Runner’. Then Bradley asked me if I wanted to be in charge of recording – to which I agreed, so I wasn’t just standing around.
There was just one little problem – I wasn’t very sure on how to work it. But Jai told me how so then it was very smooth sailing. Despite a bit of a rocky start we managed to get our footage captured. At one point we did have a laugh and I can’t help but think that this helped us to work better as a group. Also the fact that Brad was very good at telling us what needed to be done, me, Lilly and Jai followed his orders because we wanted to a. get our footage, b. not waste any time.

The final job was to put the actual film together.
Once I had the footage and downloaded onto the Mac I was then ready to put the film together. The editing job was easy to do, though I did encounter a few problems along the way. They were only minor problems such as:
– The audio was not quiet in sync with the footage. (This problem was solved by: Watching the video, finding out where the character was going to talk. Then I simply cut the audio file down a bit before moving it into position.)
The audio was a bit too loud and was drowning out the music. (This problem was solved by: Going onto the ‘Controls’ and clicking on ‘Volume’. Then on ‘Level’ before either setting ‘Key-points’, so that the sound could either fade in, or fade out, or just moving the level bar to low.)
– The GoPro footage came out upside down (This problem was solved by: Using the ‘Rotation’ tool on the ‘Controls’ and setting key points both at the begging of the clip, and the end of the clip.)
But I managed to get my film put together, and then exported – before downloading it onto Vimeo then linking it to WordPress.

I was pleased with the final edit.
It followed the script, and my highlight was that my lip sync was in good timing with the footage.
However my area of improvement lies in that I need to try other features on Premier Pro, if I have time, and experiment with the footage. Another thing that I need to manage is my time with paperwork – this is something I need to work on mainly the quality.
But in all honest opinion I am very happy how this has turned out. I’ve still managed to finish it on time.