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Task 4: Critically reflect upon your own Music Video Work


Creating the Video:
For our latest project we were to create a music video using any song that we wished (either pre made, or find a band).
The project could be completed either individually, or in group with creating the preproduction paperwork between us – then each of us would do an individual edit. I was able to work in a group – myself, Martyn and Danielle.
The first thing the group did, to set the ball rolling, was that we tried to see if we could come up with an agreed it. However we couldn’t decide on a song – so we each went off to do our brainstorming.
In my brainstorming I chose to think about what in life I enjoy. And the first thing that came to mind was ‘Beauty and the Beast’ I did some research on the story (see my blog) to see if I could get any inspiration. An idea came to me after I had written up, what in my opinion, was the themes (or important parts of the story). One idea was the story was about Escapism – which in some cases is an opportunity to reflect on our current position in life, and see which way we want to go. With this in mind I found a song called ‘Escapism’ by a band named Nightwish, and soon had the idea of doing a music video – about a young girl who reflected on the harshness of reality, and eventually creates a world where she can ‘escape’ to be who she wants to be. The only thing that stopped my idea from being created – is that my idea is too big to create in the time space we have.
Once our brainstorming was done the group came together to share ideas.
In the end the group chose to go with Martyn’s idea which would be to the song ‘Animal I’ve become‘ by Three Days Grace. The idea was a sinister, yet interesting, one – which would have a challenge to it.
In order to gain an idea of what our video will need to contain we had watched music videos earlier in order to have an idea of what we’re meant to be creating. In lesson we watched two music videos ‘Come to Daddy’ by Aphex Twin – directed by Chris Cunningham, and ‘Come into my world’ by Kylie Minogue – directed by Michel Gondry, and then I watched another music video ‘Call me When you’re sober’ by Evanescence – directed by Marc Webb (see Task 1) in order to gain an idea of how to film, and edit, a video so that it suits the song.
The group started on the word ‘go’. The first thing we did, between us, was a ‘schedule’ to know what we’d be doing during the filming weeks. In my opinion we worked really well. We had a few laughs to keep a friendly environment within the group. Martyn was a good director, whilst acting, as he gave clear instructions as to what he wanted filming. Danielle was a good team member, listened to Martyn’s request while filming – me and Danielle swapped between rolls so that we could each have a task. I think I did pretty well at the filming too, and I listened to what Martyn said.
There wasn’t any problems really during filming, since the group pretty much got on with the work – as well as each other. The group stuck to the schedule’s plan therefore allowing us to be on time, and giving us no reason to be worried that the video won’t be made on time.

The Final Video:
After many trials and errors my final version of the Music video (see Task 3) has been completed.
Before editing I had a quick word with Martyn about the plot again; so that I could understand what he wanted doing since, in a way, Martyn is the client. Once all the footage was ready and uploaded to the Premier Pro program it was a fiddly process.
Editing itself was not the problem – however choosing the order the clips would be presented in was. I am quiet pleased by some of my editing choices, however I noticed a continuity error in one of the clips. In a clip that is to take place earlier in the day Martyn had some blood on his forehead – while in a clip that is to take place later the blood has magically disappeared. In another clips Danielle could be seen in the back ground – thankfully we had another shot at the scene without Danielle in the background. Due to the time we had left sadly we couldn’t re-film any of the scenes. However despite this all other clips didn’t have an error with them.
I tried my hardest to keep to the plot, while not trying to over use certain tools or effects – or reuse the same footage too many times – and I think I did pretty well. One part though that I think seems clever was that on the mini climaxes of the song – where I’ve made cuts between one footage to the next – the cuts are chaotic which fit the song’s theme. I used the cut tool on tow clips that I placed together so that it was a simple – yet effective – cut between scenes. Another clever thing I taught myself to do is after placing two footage clips together – I’d lower the opacity so that the clips over lapped each other yet, you could see the other footage to portray a sense of madness.
I think the video is well done, and in good quality, I was very happy with the end result. The only thing that I would change about it is that I tried to experiment more with the footage making it more blurry – or try changing the colour of it – in order to give the effect of past and present, and the inside of the man’s mind. The only other thing that I would have changed is the final clip – where the video is being played in reverse order, either I would have changed the point where I cut the clip. Or I would have shortened the first the video – then I could have used the whole reversed video.