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Task three: One minute wonder – Procedures and Process (BLOG)

8th October 2014
We have been given a new assignment called ‘One minute wonder’
We are to create a one minute long film that’ll involve a client, that we find, who is artistic. And we are to present our client’s work and art – what they do, how they feel and to also a get a message across about what they like.
This assignment will involve pushing us out of our comfort zone – due to the fact that we’ll need to go out and meet a client (arrange meetings, film where they work, etc).
Also we have a two week deadline – so I need to get cracking!
Same day Afternoon:
I have found a potential client – her name is Roma Thais, and she is on the committee for an event called the Faery Ball. I know her due to attending this event and seeing her there. From other people I have heard that she creates costumes too. I plan to send an email to her tonight to see if we can meet; and then we will discuss what she’s passionate about – what she does, to see if she’ll suit my video.
And if she can’t do it, or isn’t suited, then I plan to contact a local gallery called Foreverfayefoundation – they specialise in artistic courses and sewing courses.

9th October 2014
Paul had a talk to us about our enter the pitch submissions – and about how we need to check that we haven’t set a password.
Then Paul discussed with us on how we are getting on with our ‘One minute wonder’ and I told him about Roma. He said about looking towards the costume making. Kash told us that the person we use needs to be ‘Artistic’ – Paul said that the ‘Artistic’ term is varied (as in an artist is not just a painter – it can be a hairdresser, baker, musician – even a nail artist). I have also found another possible client who does a beauty course, and nail art – I’ll need to get her details written down.
I am going to meet Roma tonight and then we can discuss the video. I plan to show her an example of a ‘One minute wonder’ video – and just what it’s about. But I have got a strong feeling that she may agree to it; and I’d like to film about her costume making. Because the examples I’ve seen are incredible.

10th October 2014
I’ve arranged to film on Sunday with my client.
I have my shooting script, and shot list sorted – I plan to put this on here. But I’m going to print it off so that I can use it for Sunday. I have booked out my equipment and hopefully ready to go. What I plan to print off is here below:
My shot list
Screen Shot 2014-10-15 at 13.28.26Screen Shot 2014-10-15 at 13.30.24

My shooting script
Screen Shot 2014-10-15 at 13.32.37

Screen Shot 2014-10-15 at 13.33.45

(The reason why there is no writing as to what Roma will say; is due to the fact that I told my client that she could decide due to the video being about her. I’ve written up some questions to ask Roma that she will answer; which in turn I will use in my video. And it was really the last sentence that I could write into the script; since that this is the only dialogue that stays the same in the videos.)

I have written up required notes and plan for Saturday too:

Questions for Roma (page 1):

Questions for Roma (page 2):


To do list for before Sunday:

Need to get before filming – list and starts of plan for Sunday:

List of shots – page one:

List of shots – page 2:

Same day PM:
I’ve checked out my equipment and I was given the wrong camera. Thankfully I was able to get back to college to grab the actual camera that I need – thanks to Paul.

11th October 2014
I have tried to print off my script, but due to the program my script was finished on my computer wouldn’t print it off (I didn’t print it off in the morning due to us having a lesson on another project.)
So instead I’ve sent the paperwork to an email to myself to use on my ipad.

12th October 2014
I’ve met with my client and we have managed to capture all the footage I need. The only problem that I faced was that my hand recorder wasn’t working properly – so I had to use my iphone. I plan to check out if it is possible to download voice memos from my phone to Mac. I’m pretty sure it’s possible, and if I get really stuck I’m going to approach one of my tutors for help.

Setting up ready to film in-between shots:

Filming in-between shots:

Setting up another in-between shots:

13th October 2014
I’ve come in this morning and imported all my video to the mac ready to put together on Wednesday.

15th October 2014
I’ve managed to import my voice memo via email – so they’re ready to put onto the video.

Same day PM:
My video footage has gone off line – so I’m gonna ask Paul to explain the process (which I’ll write down) and the sort out my footage. Hopefully I’ll have this done by 3 o’clock. When I get home I’m going to finish off my paperwork, and then put it onto the Task one page.
If I don’t get it sorted. Then I plan to stay behind after college tomorrow to finish the video – But then I need to let Mark see it, and I’ll probably record out conversation as to what can be done better. Then I’ll make any changes before exporting the footage to then put it on vimeo. If all goes to plan when I finish on Friday at 3.00 all that will be left to do it just sent screen grabs of all my work!

16th October 2014
This morning we discussed about our ‘Enter the pitch’ submissions. This afternoon I’ll be getting on with either my paperwork, or video.

Same day PM:
I need to speak to Paul about my video as my footage has all gone offline. This can end in two ways – a. There is a way to restore my footage, or b. Since I’ve not used my own SD card, and have had to use a collage one the footage has been wiped from that card because it needed to be ready for another student… At the moment I’m having option B as my outcome.
I’m meant to be having a one to one chat with Paul, hopefully he can give me a solution. But I’m just gonna keep calm; until I’m told that there is really IS no other solution. Until then I’m gonna be writing up my work for Task 2 – hopefully that’ll be finished before I go home.

17th October 2014

My file footage has been wiped from the SD card. And I didn’t think to save the files to the Mac. At the moment I am trying to see if there’s anyway to rectify this situation – but I fear that I’m just clutching at straws.
Also there is no time to film anything else – So I’m just gonna have to hand in my paperwork… though this will be my first real non submission. I can’t really get upset because I have no one to blame but myself (Sounds like a lame excuse – but I mean it and I know it’s true)
Due to what little time I have left I have filmed about Major and his photography. In return I helped him out by being the subject of his film. As we filmed we had Jai helping us by either holding the boom mic, taking photos of us as evidence for our blog as to what we did. And the following photos are:

Setting up camera:
photo 1

checking camera works:
photo 2

Telling Major what to do:
photo 3

The only ‘glitch’ we faced was that there wasn’t enough free space on the memory card. So we used my camera instead.

Same day PM:
I’m just puting the final touches to my paperwork and then finish my video.