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Task two: One minute wonder – Requirement of the brief

Requirements of the Brief:

The target audience of ‘One Minute Wonder’ is potential costumers.
What helps to identify that the ‘One Minute Wonder’ is for potential costumers is due to how the ‘subject’ is presented. Each video has been filmed, and edited, in the same style with only the ‘subject’, the artist, changing. The films each show three main things – What the artist created (their hobby and passion), How the artist creates their work (their ‘tools of the trade’), and where the artist creates their art (their ‘study’ or ‘studio’).
Though it’s only snips of what the artist creates, and what is used to create it, while the interview shots go on for longer. These shots are relevant, and essential for the artist, since the video may be used to advertise their business – the video needs to show as much as it can about the artist; as well as the quality of their service.
Each studio seems to be in a place that is up to professional standards. This shows the viewer that these artist earn a reasonable amount of money. This gives off a message that these people have done very well in life; and they provide high quality service.
I also can’t help but feel that these videos are appealing to amateur, or just starting out, artists.
Through these videos the new artists can see how people – who’ve been at an art for longer – create their work. What they create, what inspired them and what they use to create the art. This can be helpful to anyone who wants inspiration on where to start, on with wanting to pursue their favourite form of art, and the turn it into a hobby too.

The “genre” of the videos is ‘slice of life’/biographical – a look into someone’s life for a few minutes – and this is identified due to the factual subject of the film.

Having said that my goal of this video is to make a video that, obviously, follows the brief – and will help a artist to gain customers – but to also inspire people to be creative, and find their own artistic path – whether it be they take up costume making, or they even think to themselves ‘I want to be creative… but what do I enjoy to do, or what am I good at?’