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Trilogy Project: Task 1 – Research

Trilogy Project: Camera, Lighting and Editing Techniques
(The following work is a write up of my notes on the power points made by Mark, my tutor, in more detail. There is a personal opinion created from the presentations, discussions, and thinking time.)

First Discussion:

Name of Director: Derek Cianfrance
Choice of themes:
– Time
– Relationships (families and partners)
Film examples:
– Blue Valentine (2011)
– The Place beyond the Pine (2013)

BLUE VALENTINE (discussions and presentations):
The film follows the story of the main characters Dean and Cindy, their love story in particular, as they fell in love and then years later their marriage falls apart – causing them to go separate ways. Derek gives the presenting of this ‘realistic’ romance story a very interesting twist. Instead of just showing the story in chronological order – live separate lives, meet, fall in love, get married, live together, break up, separate – the viewer is pulled back, and forth, between the past and the present.
When noticed the film’s scenes are shot in two different ways. The past is done with a 16 mm hand held camera – to give it a ‘vintage’ look – where the director did only one or two takes, with a golden hue, so that the footage seemed more lively. Then with the Present scenes was filmed with a red digital camera – to give it a ‘robotic’ look – where the director did dozens of takes, using either grey or blue hue, to make this seem less lively. This enhances the feelings of the film’s story given to the audience.
The plot’s arch, when written down, is a criss cross where most plots are done in a curve shape. Where the plot points of a traditional arch are placed is different. Both the ‘CLIMAX'(Present – we see the tension between Derek and Cindy after being married for so long) and ‘EXPOSITION’ (Past – we see Derek and Cindy, young and carefree, with their whole lives ahead of them) are at the begging – then at the end the ‘CLIMAX'(Past – Cindy and Dean get married thinking that they’re going to ‘live happily every after’) and ‘DENOUEMENT’ (Present – Cindy and Dean end their marriage and go their separate ways) are at the end.

Personal opinion:
This film was very good because the romance plot was different to the normal romance plots.
Where we are usually presented with this idea that you’ll meet the ‘one’ and then you’ll live happily ever after – with no problems at all; Blue Valentine gives a different perspective. The reality. In a way this film made me scared of my own romance future – I think this was due to my own personal experience of my own parents splitting up. Resulting in Blue Valentine bringing to live what could be a personal nightmare for me – therefore making me uncomfortable to sit through the film.