Director: Task 3 – Evaluation

Evaluation of my Director skills, and the result of those skills

For this project I was to take on the role of Director, and create my own take on a scene from the film ‘Clueless’.
Creating the idea was a challenge in itself due to the fact that I was asked NOT to make a carbon copy. This was my first time of taking the role of directing seriously.
During the process of planning the scene – communicating with my actors and crew, creating a script – I feel that this process went pretty well. I managed to create a simple idea with a change of tone to the scene. I regally kept in contact with my actors via email to discuss costumes, character biography, etc. However I did arrange a meeting before filming to discuss in more detail about everything with my cast and crew (see video below). Before filming I went to my location with my camera operator, Martyn, we discussed what I had in mind for the film – as well as play out the movement.

I feel that I did pretty well during the filming process.
Since Martyn was aware of the scene, and what shots I wanted, this allowed me to talk to my actors. I tried to give them a detailed motivation as to what their character was doing, and how that character felt. At the end of each description, just before filming, I asked my actors if there was anything they were uncertain of. My actors did very well, and managed to deliver what I wanted. At some points I did talk to Martyn about the shots, and how I wanted them. To me the filming process went very well – but I feel that I should have been looking at the camera screen at some points.

With my final edit I feel that it has come out pretty well, and I am fairly happy with it.
I love my cuts, and music, choice. I managed to learn how to do a freeze frame, and it worked well with my video.
There are some footage, during the editing phase, though where I feel that I was a bit pressed for choice, because the footage was a bit short. If I could have done a reshoot I would have had captured the footage a bit longer. Another negative is my dialogue between the characters. I did the voice overs as a separate recording, and putting them next to my other dialogue – it makes the video lack in quality. If I could have redone the dialogue – I would have recorded the whole thing again at a different location. Though it would have made the editing a bit more tricky, since I would have had to do a lip sync, it would have insured that all of the dialogue would have been clear.

Below is my behind the scene footage – showing a group meeting before filming, and on the actual day of filming. (If you wish to skip the meeting footage, the behind the scenes on filming starts at 29:35)