Documentary: Task 3 – Conduct Pre-Production a Documentary Production

My chosen idea is to explore an old Christmas (or Yule) legend by the name of ‘Krampus’. A mythical being that brings coal to the naughty children of the world.
In other legends he is known as ‘Black Peter’ – the companion of Santa – who simply leaves a lump of coal.
However Krampus, who could be – and possibly is – the origin to the ‘Black Peter’ Myth, whips misbehaving children, or – if the child is evil – takes them to his lair, never to be seen again. Krampus is described as a demon with the hind legs of a goat, or one goat hoof and one human foot, covered in black fur, with goat like horns and a long red tongue as he carries a sack over his shoulder – and a bundle of twigs in the other hand.
Despite his appearance I feel that he is more of an Anti-hero, than a malevolent force. He only punishes the wicked; Krampus is never said to encourage the wicked.
(Below is pages from my notebook)
The following pages are from my research into actual Krampus:







Some websites I looked at were:

My first page shows me stating what I knew of Krampus, at the begging.
However for my documentary to be more affective, I knew that I would have to dig deeper into the legend – so I made note of a plan to research from ‘’. Before beginning my research – and looking for book refernces. The main books I used were ‘The book of Christmas’ from the ‘The Enchanted World’ series, and ‘The Elemental Encyclopaedia of Witchcraft’ by Judika Illes – due to the fact that there weren’t a lot of “factual” book on the german demon. As I researched deeper into Krampus, I started to look at what was similar – and anything that was ‘extra’.

These pages are for the planning of my time line:





Now I had my subject of the documentary, I need a plan as to what my narrative was to be.
After discussing my problem with my tutor, Paul, he suggested that I do a time line. He told me to divide the line, and we discussed the title for each part. Then the rest was up to me to write what was going where. Which was the following:
START: Vivian Maier approach
* What to show – Interview people – students and tutors: Ask “do you know the legend of Krampus” then show their reactions.
* Reenactment: Show me watching the trailer and my reaction to it.
* Why: Show that not many people know this legend, and that this documentary will give the explanation.
WHO/WHAT: Explain (and WHERE/WHAT: Explain cont)
* What to show – found footage (trailers,etc) to explain who Krampus is. The tradition of krampus night. self interviews explaining. Me researching into krampus
*Why: To reveal the legend as he is (rather than trying to prove that he is real). And to show that he is a real legend.
*what to show – self interview giving my opinion of that Krampus is an anti hero.
*why: Krampus is a typical anti hero (he punishes the wicked, but there is a limit as to how far he will go.)

These pages are for my notes on filming:



Once I had my research, and my plan in place. The final piece was to film.
So I started to make notes of what days I was going to film, and what exactly I was to film. My main plan to film was of me watching the trailer, and me researching via internet and books (reenactments). However I knew that primarily this documentary would require a lot of found footage and images.

So comes the research into copyright. One way around this is through a benefit I have as a student, and that this documentary is for educational purposes. Since I am gaining no profit from this – it is ok to use the footage, music, etc SO long as I state who the original owner is – and where to find them. In order to prove that this can be the case, I did research into copyright laws, and I found the following:
8. Acts that are allowed:
Fair dealing is a term used to describe acts which are permitted to a certain degree without infringing the work, these acts are:
Private and research study purposes.
Performance, copies or lending for educational purposes.
Criticism and news reporting.
Incidental inclusion.
Copies and lending by librarians.
Format shifting or back up of a work you own for personal use.
Caricature, parody or pastiche.
Acts for the purposes of royal commissions, statutory enquiries, judicial proceedings and parliamentary purposes.
Recording of broadcasts for the purposes of listening to or viewing at a more convenient time, this is known as time shifting.
Producing a back up copy for personal use of a computer program.

UK Copyright Law fact sheet from the UK Copyright Service.

However in some cases – such as the krampus night footage, I would be able to gain permission from the owner (which I have done through Youtube – see photos below, which is an exchange between myself and Raoul.)

Screen Shot 2015-12-03 at 10.55.36

Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 12.31.04

If this was a proper documentary – done by a big studio, and for profit, I would the be required to pay Raoul a fee for the rights to the footage.