Enter the Pitch – Year 2 – Task 1: Proposal and Planning

The Pitch competition is an event where film makers, and script writers, alike can enter – through using a two minute video to tell their for a 10 to 20 minute film idea – with the chance to win £25’000 to bring their film to life, as well as receiving “generous support for all participants, and (they) invest in the best idea chosen by a panel of industry professionals at our finals at Pinewood Studios“(1). When making the videos competitors must take “inspiration from any story, character or theme in the bible“(1).

With this in mind, as well as remembering the positive review, and helpful criticism, for my video from last year – Perception – I have a clear idea of what kind of film I want to do. I want to do a film which will involve a character that is either overlooked – or they’re mentioned in the Bible for a bit, and then they just seem to dissapear.

In order to find my character I plan to think of familiar stories – then look them up to see if there is anything I didn’t notice before. However if I can’t find anything, I will then read the Bible to see if there are any stories I’m not familiar with. Also I’m planning to read a book, that I have purchased, called ‘Dark History of the Bible’ by Michael Kerrigan – to see if anything of interest turns up.
When I finally choose my character I will look up their story in more depth, using the original Bible story as a starting point, before moving on to looking at opinions, and studies of the story by others – to see if anything of interest turns up.
My main source of finding the information I require will primarily come from the internet, and maybe from some books – however I will list all findings (quotes, story, etc) where they originally came from. I plan to spend a day or two (at the most) at finding my story – and the research into the story at the same time. All the sites of interest will be copy and pasted for me high light certain parts digitally (with website of origin stated underneath).
This will be the most simple way to research, and everything will be all in one place. Underneath the information I’ll write an overall review of it, and what seems to really catch my eye – that would make an interesting film.

Schedule/Plan for ‘ENTER THE PITCH’
(College days – Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Independent Study Days – Monday and Wednesday)

* Tuesday 15th September: First day back, and brain storm – Read the Bible, Read ‘Dark History of the Bible’ and also Enter the Pitch website (On the Website look at Rules and Conditions, as well as over all Task set by ‘The Pitch’.)

* Wednesday 16th September: Look over my notes, to see if I’m happy with my idea. Write up a basic plot to my story.

* Thursday 17th September: Try to finalise a story, and think of how I want to present the idea.

* Friday 18th September: Finalise the idea – and plan to create/edit the second week


* Monday 21st September: Make sure I am happy with plot, and have an idea of how I want to present it.

* Tuesday 22nd September: Start making Images, or capture footage, I need.

* Wednesday 23rd September: Finish off images (if doing a video similar to Perception)

* Thursday 24th September: Capture more footage, and start to edit.

* Friday 25th September: Finish editing video, and export it – onto the Pitch site if able to.

I believe that by looking into the opinions of others (either public members, or educational figures) about a bible story could reveal certain points in a story – either about the theme to the story, the lesson, or even the portrayal of certain figures, since everyone has a different view on what a story says to them.
However I must be cautious of what I choose to follow, since the information is opinionated – not to mentioned biased – therefore some people may not agree of the interpretation of the story.