Enter the Pitch – Year 2 – Task 4: Evaluating the Pitch

I believe that my pitch has partly met my proposal.
Like with ‘Perception’ my story takes a well known story, yet the point of view, presenting the story, gives it a new twist.
However this years presentation of the idea is different – I have done a talk to camera video, with images. I feel that I have taken a risk – since I’m not use to doing this type of video. And though it is less time consuming to do, than a video involving still shots… I feel that this video is not as good as it could be.
It is of basic quality, and though I am happy with the edit – I feel that the quality of my footage could be better – especially the lighting. Another way of making this video better could be that I had more images in – perhaps of scenes in the film idea, or even of my characters. And a final way is defiantly get my audio the first time, I had to retake my audio, and dub the video since while filming you can hear people talking out side the classroom – next time I need to make sure where I film is quiet, I have a sign on the door asking any people passing by to be quiet – since filming is taking place.

I feel that though this mistake has helped me to realise what works best for me, and what doesn’t – because I feel that I don’t come across as very confident in the footage. I feel that my editing skills are at a basic level – but I should try to be more adventurous, and try to remember certain skills better.
My time management wasn’t very good – I took too long to finalise an idea, and then couldn’t get my images finished in time for the video to be put together. And I feel that this final video seems too rushed.
My research techniques worked really well – as I basically found information found online, and then copied it my word document, to then high light what was important. I feel that my video will not show the extend of my research.

Through this project I feel that I’m better at the scriptwriting, and idea making development side, to media as opposed to the actual filming process. I feel that this video could do with a big clean up – and perhaps I need to plan my idea in advance, as well as film it earlier in the future.
I feel that if I was to do this video again, or another idea for ‘The pitch’.
I would try to find my idea quicker, and even if the idea is in the beginning process I should try to capture footage earlier. However I feel that using alternative view points to a story are my strongest points, and make my videos better – since these type of characters are so interesting. And I defiantly feel that my Pitch should be – next time – still moving images, and a voice over.